Dressage Points

Updated Dressage Points System

Points winners awards are handed out at the annual AGM.

Points are awarded during the year based on placings.

For all dressage competitions from now on- both Prelim classes will be Open AND Restricted.

Prelim dressage – there have been 2 rules changes to these classes with immediate effect :

  • Resricted Prelim – A rider only has to move out of the restricted class if they have won the class 3 times or more in a calendar year, and there have been 6 or more entries in each of the classes they have won.
  • Open Prelim – This is now open to any rider with a horse that has no more than 30 BD points. ( any rider can compete HC if the horse has more than 30 BD points
  • Also, riders who have been moved to the Open Prelim class, may convert back to restricted if, at the end of the year, having competed in no less than 3 dresssage competitions with SCRC, they have not gained any points.


1st placeĀ  – 6 points

2nd place – 5 points

3rd place – 4 points

4th place – 3 points

5th place – 2 points

6th place – 1 point

The online dressage holds the same points value for members only.

For both online dressage & the monthly dressage competitions riders must have competed in three or more competitions in that year to qualify for the dressage series points awards.

Online points winners and the monthly dressage points winners are awarded separately.